Malik Yoba is “Coming Out” as a Straight Man Who is Attracted to Trans Women

‘Empire’ star Malik Yoba is “coming out” as a straight man who is attracted to women — and that he doesn’t differentiate between cisgender and transgender women. Will this help move the needle forward for cis-hetero men to feel welcomed to speak against transphobia? Joining the conversation is pop...
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MJ Rodriguez

Pose Star MJ Rodriguez joins The Morning Beat

Pose star MJ Rodriguez joined the Morning Beat to discuss her success on Pose, how we can be better allies to our friends in the Trans community and the groundbreaking new role she's taking on as Aubrey in Little Shop of Horrors at the Pasadena Playhouse!
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Transgender Women are Forcefully Drag Out of Bar Because of a Straight Couple

A group of transgender women said they were being harassed at Las Perlas - a bar in Los Angeles when bouncers forcibly dragged them out. One of the women, Khloe Perez-Rios, who was involved and captured the incident that has gotten national attention - Joins us to share what actually happened ….
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Let's Go There: Mom Suing Daughter for Transitioning.

Should parents have a legal right to their underage child’s body? It's a question we’re asking after hearing about this story of a mom suing her transgender teen daughter for transitioning. It's been a three year battle and now, she is taking it to the Supreme Court . Will it get accepted? Carl...
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New Gillette Ad Shows Dad Teaching Transgender Son to Shave for First Time

New Gillette ad is giving a heartwarming look at a transgender men's first shave.
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