Orlando Bloom Fixes Tattoo Misspelling His Son's Name in Morse Code

Well, tat’s better. Orlando Bloom showed off a corrected tattoo after the original misspelled his son, Flynn’s, name wrong in Morse code. Check out the actor’s new ink.
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Orlando Bloom Misspells Son's Name in New Morse Code Tattoo

Getting a tattoo for your child seems sweet, but how would you feel if there was an error? Orlando Bloom misspelled son Flynn’s name in new morse code tattoo.
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DoorDash Wants to Help You Cover Up Tattoos of Your Ex for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. You may be planning to buy some flowers, or even jewelry for your loved one, but are you planning to remove a tattoo? Some people get their significant other's name for a tattoo , and some of them break up and want it removed as soon as possible. If you...
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Man Pranks Wife With Huge Tattoo of Her Snoring Face on His Thigh

A British man took a joke so far that it “crossed the line” and left him with a permanent mark. James McGraw wanted to get even with his wife Kelly for giving him a bad haircut so he decided to get a huge tattoo of her passed out and snoring on his thigh. Wife horrified after husband gets 'ugly'...
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Tattoo being applied

Do you want your tattoos to last forever?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been looking for a way to live forever and now you can...well, at least your tattoos. Morticians in Ohio have began perserving and memorializing lost loved ones tattoo's including framing so it can be put on display. The cost for the service begins at $1599...
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