Ryan Mitchell

George Floyd

You're Hurting, And We Are Listening

After the racially charged murder of George Floyd occurred in Minneapolis on Monday, May 25th, 2020, America is attempting to come together to call out racism, unjust police brutality, recognize that it is imperative to support black lives, and put an end to white supremacy in our nation. Listen as...
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Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer Shares His Take on Joe Biden's Controversial Comments

Former Presidential candidate, Tom Steyer joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on Let's Go There to discuss his endorsement for Joe Biden.
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JoJo Says She's More Than Just Her Music

JoJo joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q's Let's Go There. The singer talks about her new album "Good to Know" and her mental health journey along the way.
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Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill

'RHOA's', Cynthia Bailey Shares The Biggest Thing She's Learned About Herself While Filming The Hit Reality Show

'Real Housewives of Atlanta's', Cynthia Bailey shares the biggest thing she's learned about herself while filming the hit Bravo reality show.
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Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe Shares He Was Nervous To Join Ellie Kemper and the Cast of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

Daniel Radcliffe joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q's Let's Go There to discuss the new interactive season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
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Shangela We're Here

Shangela on the Pandemic: 'You Can't Take The Spirit of a Working Girl'

The queen of all drag queens, Shangela, joins Shira Lazar & Ryan Mitchell on Let's Go There to discuss how she has had to pivot career goals during the pandemic, plus shares all the inside scoop on her new HBO series, We're Here!
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Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton Says He Wants To Apologize To Lady Gaga

The infamous and iconic celebrity reporter gets candidly vulnerable with Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell. Perez Hilton shares which major pop icon he'd like to mend his relationship with.
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Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan On Defending Tara Reade and Getting Joe Biden to ‘Drop Out’

In a recent interview with Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q’s Lets Go There , Rose McGowan shares that she has had to recently focus her activism efforts on defending Tara Reade . The Charmed actress says, “I relentlessly went after the New York Times starting about four weeks ago for...
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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban Suggests We Extend Pick-Up & Delivery Methods To All Retail Businesses

Mark Cuban joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on Let's Go There to discuss how the country could successfully "reopen" and details steps on how small businesses will have to re-think their models in order to sustain business during and post-pandemic.
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Christina Elmore

Christina Elmore Addresses How the Pandemic Will Affect the Way We Tell Stories About People of Color

Christina Elmore of HBO's Insecure and BET's Twenties , joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q's, Let's Go There . The actress discusses her experience working with greats such as Lena Waithe and Issa Rae, plus shares her thoughts on what will happen to content highlighting the stories of...
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