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Hear Me Out: Communications Probs 101

HEAR ME OUT Do you need relationship advice? Listen Tuesdays to Let's Go There with Shira and Ryan as we invite our favorite therapist Alapaki Yee and Sam Garanzini from Gay Couples Institute. ABOUT THEM In 2007, Alapaki Yee and I were two years into our relationship. What most people don’t know is...
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friends arguing

We Go There On Friendship

Our question of the day has to do with how fights make or break a friendship? Because Shira and Ryan are experts at arguing (JK) and fixing things, we recruited Dr. Andrea Bonier author of Psychology & The friendship Fixer to talk healthy ways to deal with arguments. Plus, Dr. Chris Donaghue...
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Let's Go There: Solidarity with Kaepernick

This year a lot of people opted out of Superbowl LIII parties and watching the big game to protest and stand in solidarity with former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick- but did that actually make a difference and move the needle? Joining us on Let's Go There, DJ Alex D , discusses the hashtag #...
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Transgender model Laith Ashley

Let's Go There: Laith Ashley

Transgender Model, Actor and Singer Laith Ashley stops by Let’s Go There w/ Shira & Ryan to chat about his new music and his journey of acceptance while entering the music industry while being trans. He also ways in on the tragic hate crime against Empire star Jussie Smollett and goes there...
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Here is Why Jussie Smollett Attack is Not that Surprising

On this episode of Let's Go There, we discuss the tragic news surrounding "Empire" star Jussie Smollett who was the victim of a homophobic attack in Chicago. Smollett was brutally attacked by 2 men who beat him up, put his head in a noose and screamed, "This is MAGA country." Co-host Ryan Mitchell...
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Pose Actress Hailie Sahar

Let's Go There: Pose Actress Hailie Sahar

Shira and Ryan had a blast with Pose actress Hailie Sahar. They talked about her future projects and they joked about the fact that Cancers are sensitive! Are you intrigued yet, listen below!
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Diversity Hands Raised Up

Have you ever been an accidental racist? We Go There

On our #LGT topic of the day, we discuss something we call "accidental" racism. Shira and Ryan have a vunerable & transparent chat about their experience, bridging the gap and discuss the backlash against Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez being called anti-black.
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Olympian Gus Kenworthy

Let's Go There: Olympian Gus Kenworthy

We sit down with Olympian and gay icon Gus Kenworthy at the Sin City Classic Sports Festival in Las Vegas to discuss his work with Toyota, the significance of the LGBTQ+ community being celebrated in sports and his future ambitions for the Olympics and beyond. We also get personal talking about his...
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Gay Agenda: Transgender Military Ban

The Supreme Court allowed President Donald Trump's transgender military ban to go into effect, dealing a blow to LGBT activists who call the ban cruel and irrational. Joining us on Let's Go There, veteran Laila Ireland, Membership Director, SPARTA TransMilitary Advocate who discussed her experience...
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Zach Stafford

Let's Go There: Editor in Chief from The Advocate

Editor-In-Chief of The Advocate, Zach Stafford joins Let’s Go There to chat about his new role and the importance of queer media, representation and more. Stafford also responds to the misidentification of people of color in media including a recent incident with journalist/activist Noor Tagouri in...
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