Let's Go There

Let's Go There: The Phluid Project

The Phluid Project is a brand, a movement, a community and platform based on activism which takes on fashion without gender. Founder and CEO, Rob Smith, joins Let's Go There to talk about how he started Phluid and how he's bringing gender-free products to stores across the country. He also...
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Let's Go There: Nikita Dragun

If you’ve never heard of Nikita Dragun , well get to know the Asian American beauty influencer that is not only taking over social media but is now launching Dragun Beauty, one of a few beauty brands created and owned by a transgender person. According to Dragun, it is a beauty brand made for...
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Let's Go There: Affirmative Action

For our Let's Go There topic of the day, we went with the National/Hollywood college cheating scandal. The scheme is bringing up a bigger issue. With the news around rich parents buying their children college admission- a new conversation has popped up around affirmative action. And that it takes...
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Let's Go There: College Entrance Exam Cheating Scheme

Hollywood actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are among at least 50 people charged in a large-scale college entrance exam cheating scheme. According to the charging papers, Huffman "made a purported charitable contribution of $15,000 ... to participate in the college entrance exam cheating...
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Hear Me Out: Are you the One?

Topic #6 - Are You the One? What's going on when we're afraid to let people in? What do you do when you're waiting for the right person to show up? Join us and our favorite therapist from the Gay Couples Institute , where Sam and Alapaki we'll talk about natural fears of abandonment, and the common...
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Let's Go There: Jussie Smollett 16 Felony Counts

We’re tackling the latest on the Jussie Smollett investigation after breaking news that the Empire star was indicted on 16 felony counts in relation to the alleged staged attack. Joining us on Let’s Go There w/ Shira & Ryan, a weekly contributor, and photographer for Windy City Times, GoPride,...
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Let's Go There: R. Kelly Girl Friends on the Defense

If you thought the R. Kelly interview with CBS This Morning couldn’t get any worse, honey grab your tea because his girlfriends are speaking out and we’re playing the heated clips. Joining this crazy conversation is Out Magazine’s Director of Culture & Entertainment Tre’vell Anderson ! If you...
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R Kelly

Le's Go There: Mute R. Kelly

We’re channeling our inner Gayle King and spilling all the tea on the explosive CBS This morning R. Kelly Interview. R. Kelly is breaking his silence about the sexual abuse charges that landed him in jail last month; after the six-part Lifetime docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly" ... You won’t believe...
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Michael Jackson

Let's Go There: MIchael Jackson Reputation

Now that the Michael Jackson documentary - Leaving Neverland - has aired on HBO. It leaves a lot of people wondering, does Michael Jackson’s estate have the right to protect his reputation? We asked you during our Q of Day and you won’t believe the response. Check them out @wearechannelq and tweet...
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Terry Crews

Let's Go There: Terry Crews Controversy Around Gender Roles and Parenting

Actor Terry Crews is talking back tweets he posted over the weekend, claiming that children raised without both a mother and a father or as he notes maternal and paternal love are “severely malnourished.” Crews eventually did apologize Sunday and deleted his original tweet saying, “It was the wrong...
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