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What Exactly is the Coronavirus Everyone is Worried About?

Reports of a deadly virus appearing across the globe has a lot of people concerned so we brought in Nurse Alice to elaborate.
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A Former Spy Shared His Best Practices with Us

Errol Southers, former spy & judge on Bravo's new TV series Spy Games joins us in studio and shares some tips to be a good spy.
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CHANNEL Q Podcasts

Missed Your Favorite CHANNEL Q Show? Here's How You Can Listen To All Of Our Shows, On Your Time!

We know that life gets in the way sometimes, which can mean missing your favorite segment on The Morning Beat or forgetting to catch your favorite guest on Let's Go There. We are here to give you all the LGBTQ content you need in podcast form! Whatever the reason may be we don;t want you to miss...
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Are Hospitals Ripping People Off?

Nurse Alice joined us in studio with some very interesting & possibly critical information. She shared a story about a woman who was facing medical bills that were way higher than her capability to pay, so she sought advice from an unlikely platform: Tik Tok. Someone advised her to ask for an...
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Statute of Limitation Revival: Trouble for the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America has been under fire as sexual abuse victim's accusations have continuously surfaced. Recently, the Council voted to allow victims to press charges past the statue of limitation of the incident. This statute of limitation revival is exclusive to sexual abuse cases, which...
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6 Sex and Relationship Resolutions for the New Year

Dr. Jenn Mann joined us to discuss the 6 sex & relationship resolutions that every couple should make. Dr. Jenn writes, "When most people think of New Year’s resolutions, they tend to just think of themselves and not their relationship. But I always love to encourage couples to use the...
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Woman Quit Dating in 2019 & Results Were Shocking

We interview a woman by the name of Rosie Bell who made an active decision to quit dating & go completely celebate for all of 2019. One might think this would lead to a lonely & sad year, however, Rosie claims that it was the best, most productive year of her life. Maybe the single life isn...
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College Enrollment Rates are Dropping

According to Forbes, college enrollment has dropped by more than 2 million students this decade. We spoke to Michael Nietzel, the author of the article who inspired this segment about various reasons for the drastic decline.
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We Counted Down Our Top 5 Most Awkward Moments This Year

As promised, we counted down the top 5 awkward moments from our show and compiled them for your enjoyment! This includes everything from firing our producer on air after he lost a game, to a potential politican going off the rails with profanity during a phone interview. Enjoy!
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Drop the Subject Impeachment Bingo

Finding the impeachment a bit long and boring? Play along with us here !
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