A Banana Duct-Taped to a Wall Just Sold for $120,000 at a Miami Art Show

The art world has gone bananas, literally. An Italian artist duct taped a banana to a wall and sold it for $120,000, according to Artnet . View this post on Instagram -- Maurizio Cattelan's new sculpture 'Comedian' at Art Basel Miami marks the artist's first major debut at an art fair in over 15...
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Flutter Experience Los Angeles

Check Out LA's Newest Interactive Art Space Where Supporting Mental Health and LGBTQ+ Art Are At The Core Of The Experience

Los Angeles's newest immersive art experience is not just here for cool Instagram photos and clout, The Flutter Experience is an all-sense invigorating, multi-room art installation that is meant to "do good'! We'd describe Flutter as a safe space to touch, feel, move, create, let go and engage. The...
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Tattoo being applied

Do you want your tattoos to last forever?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been looking for a way to live forever and now you can...well, at least your tattoos. Morticians in Ohio have began perserving and memorializing lost loved ones tattoo's including framing so it can be put on display. The cost for the service begins at $1599...
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