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Let’s Go There with Shira & Ryan

Let’s Go There offers a daily review of the day’s trending stories in pop
culture, politics and lifestyle news. They often tackle topics no one wants
to touch, but trust us -- they do. Their irreverent and honest take on
what’s happening in the world will give you the confidence to go there too!
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Lets Go There

Death Of The Shopping Mall

Shira and Ryan talk with Kara Weisestein about the death of the American shopping mall and if straight musicians really deserve "queer idol" status. Article of...
Lets Go There

Make Stripping Safe Again

Shira and Ryan talk about making sure strippers can safely return to their jobs and what needs to be done to prevent our country from entering another great...
Lets Go There

Let's Get It On

Shira and Ryan talk about President Trump taking Hydroxycholorquine and talk with Dr. Josh Klapow about why we are all so horny right now.