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The Bi-Marriage

Wednesday 2/12/2020 We are getting closer to nominating a Democratic Candidate to bit Trump! So what do the New Hampshire’s surprising results say about the...

Is Parasite The Answer?

Tuesday 2/12/2020 Bloomberg's past keeps coming back to haunt his campaign. Jarrett Hill, pop culture and political journalist joins for that conversation...

Beauty and the Gargoyle

Monday, 2/12/2020 Another Democratic event highlight, but what did Republicans think of the last democratic debate? We’re joined by Log Cabin Republican of...

Barnes & Noble, You Got It Wrong!

Its been a whirlwind this week- between the Iowa caucus, the senate acquittal of President Trump and his state of the union address- and tonight’s was the 8th...

Has Trump Learned His Lesson?

The Iowa Caucus results were finally out, but who actually won --- South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders? We break it down...