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Dr. Internet

A diet app for kids? Yes, this is happening and we go there with Abby Langer registered dietitian and nutritional counselor. Plus, how often have you used the...

Let's Go There: Taiwan Tourism

Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage earlier this year. Alex Wang - Managing Director of Elite Voyages and Peter Lee, Tour Guide of...

Shout Out To The Creeps

Another day another Trump story. Trump mocked one of his supporters at a rally! you’ll be surprised at how this guy reacted. Researchers have identified what...

Don't Call Me Boo Boo

The fertility industry is booming but there are also a lot of mistakes happening. What one doctor is doing to help protect patients. Also, what this...

Let's Go There: Debt After Death

Ever wonder what happens to your debt when you die, your family might end up with the burden. Listen to find out how to protect yourself and loved ones from...