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Let’s Go There offers a daily review of the day’s trending stories in pop
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to touch, but trust us -- they do. Their irreverent and honest take on
what’s happening in the world will give you the confidence to go there too!

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Lets Go There: Nigel Shelby

A high school teenager died by suicide after being the target of homophobic bullying- the news was revealed over the weekend in a Facebook post. Nigel Shelby,...

Let's Go There: Jasmin Savoy

Jasmin Savoy Brown, star of Shondaland's ABC hit series "For The People" stops by Let's Go There to talk about season 2 and taking on real-life legal issues on...

Let's Go There: Marijuana

It's 4/20 everyone! More than ever, cannabis is being welcomed into society with CBD medically and reform happening across the country. With the boom of any...

Let's Go There: Feel The LIZZO

4/20 is tomorrow! how are you celebrating? Well, we go there on how legalizing weed has out POC out of business and allowing white people to profit. Plus, The...

Let's Go There: Kira Kosarin

Kira Kosarin, was known for starring in Nickelodeon's The Thundermans. Now, all grown up she is launching her debut album Off Brand with R&B inspired...