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Frankie Grande is Coming Out

Happy Monday and we are starting the week with a bang! Frankie Grande is joining us in studio. We are talking about his 2 year anniversary of his sobriety and...

It's Our Gay Birthday!

Today is a very special day, It is National Coming Out Day and is our one year anniversary at Channel Q! Thank you for being part of this journey. To celebrate...

How to Come Out Later In Life

In honor of National Coming Out Day, we’re diving into what it’s like to come out later in life. Writer Melisa Raney joins us to share her story about coming...

The Signs Behind Rich People

Republicans are tired of trump talking about his impeachment, find out how trump’s obsession may get him out of the white house. We talked to Nik Kacy the...

Today Was Our Day In Court

Today the the U.S. Supreme Court heared three potentially game-changing cases about LGBTQ+ employment discrimination, We talked to Attorney, Omar Gonzales-...