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More Women, More Compliments

Happy Friday!!! Let’s get to it, are you 30? Well, why 30 somethings are having a crisis of their own. Therapist Megan Bearce breaks it down. We unpack...

Separation of Church and State

For our political news, are Donald Trump Supporters Turning on Trump? It looks like they want Pence! More men are taking on women-dominated jobs and well this...

Stop Being Creepy

Hilary Clinton can’t seem to steer clear from the headlines during this race - now democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is suing her too. Also, The...

Pete Buttigieg and Pole Dancing

Hillary Clinton is making her feelings about Sen. Bernie Sanders very clear- politics reporter and the founder of Tangle, an independent, ad-free non-partisan...

Condoms Gone Wrong!

We’ve got one of the heads of the Women’s March joining us, the nationwide event happens tomorrow. What to expect and if they finally resolved those...