Drop The Subject

Drop The Subject

Drop the Subject with Ally Johnson provides a satirical look at current
events, trends and the eccentricities of modern-day relationships. Should
humans hibernate? What happens when we start dating robots? These questions
and many more are tackled from the perspective of loudmouthed lesbian Ally
Johnson and her various reoccurring guests. From VH1's Dr. Jenn Mann to
comedian Justin Martindale, Ally and her guests are tackling the world's
absurdities one show at a time. 
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Drop The Subject

05/21 Oxford Do You Even Go Here?

On today's show, we bring on famed wedding planner Fallon Carter to discuss everything wedding related from minimonies to match lines with face masks. We talk...
Drop The Subject

05/19 It Wasn't Us It Was Brooke

We start today's show with the best pizza stories from the worst people. We follow it up with Peloton scams from social media influencers and wrap it up with...
Drop The Subject

05/18 Traveling Back To The 1950's

In today's show we play Is It Karen which is a new game with a working title in which James tries to guess whether or not the presented person is named Karen...