Sidebar With John Duran

Friday, February 14th

Today on Sidebar...


FIRST SEGMENT – the legendary black gay activist PHILL WILSON returns to the Sidebar to talk about African American History Month and what it should mean for LGBT people.

SECOND SEGMENT – Gay Weho psychotherapist KEN HOWARD talks about love, romance and sex for LGBT people.  Single?  Coupled?  Thrupled?  Poly?  Monogamous?  Staying sane on Valentine’s Day!

THIRD SEGMENT – Young Love and Seasoned Love.  Two Extraordinary couples come on the show to discuss what makes their relationships work.   TYLER BOOTH and SPIRO GALANOPOULOS are the bells of the ball on Santa Monica Blvd in Weho.  Tyler works at the FLAMING SADDLES BAR and has been voted “BEST BARTENDER” in Weho for two years in a row in the Los Angeles Blade.  HIs lover SPIRO is a well known GO GO BOY at the neighboring REVOLVER bar.   How do they exist in the Weho nightlife and remain together?    Joining their discussion with be long term lesbian wives BERNADETTE ABBRUZZE and DIANE ABBITT on their 23 year relationship.    Business owners together and activists – how do they make it work?   2 men.  2 women.  One fairly new couple.  One long term couple.  What can they teach and learn from each other?