Loveline 2/5/2020

Wednesday, February 5th

On today's show Dr. Chris Donaghue opened up the show with some hot topics and amongst those was JLO and Shakira's Superbowl performance. He then got into an article that he wrote to talk about not knocking something till you try it three times. Dr. Donaghue also brought up how Disney is being more inclusive with their digital storytelling as a new short surfaced with an autistic, lead of color. We were also joined by our political correspondent Jarrett Hill to talk about sex acts that we've tried, and that how we should try it again. We were also joined by our pop culture guru for our celebrity rehab segment. Dr. Donaghue read your responses to tonight's question of the night, as well as answering your sex love and dating questions. If you enjoyed today's show hit us up with your questions at @loveline.