Loveline 12/2/19

Monday, December 2nd

In today’s show, Dr. Chris Donaghue opened it up with some of today’s hot topics with a social justice twist to it. Dr. Donaghue then got into talking about controlling dads and how to be aware of them. After this, he got into talking about vanilla sex, and he broke down some of the myths that come with it. He then brought in Wesley Woods for our segment The Ex-Files.
Dr. Evan Goldstein of bespoke surgical joined us for our doctor's segment, and these two had a great conversation on post-holiday butt play. Dr. Donaghue read your responses to tonight’s question of the night, “what’s your honest opinion on “boring” or “vanilla” sex?” He answered your sex love and relationship questions, so if you enjoyed today’s episode hit us up at @loveline