Loveline 11/19/19

Tuesday, November 19th

In today’s show, Dr Chris opened it up with some hard-hitting topics. He broke down the Chick Fil A scandal as well as the new FCC initiative to create a national suicide hotline. He then got into our new kink / alternative lifestyle appreciation segment where our goal is to normalize various creative diverse sexual expressions. Our guest for today’s segment was Jean Franzblau the founder of Cuddle Sanctuary to offer the wellness benefits of soothing touch to the Los Angeles community. Afterwards, we had our Body appreciation segment with our body-positive expert Ryan Sheldon. The gems in this show are excellent to keep in your back pocket. Dr Chris also read your responses to the question of the night, "How do you avoid unwanted advances? How far would you take it?" He also answered your sex love and relationship questions, so if you enjoyed today's episode hit us up at @loveline and send us your questions.