#33 - FoXx & Freezy - HustlaBall CEO & Manager Fabriece Marino Tells Us All About #HustlaBallin! 1/18/20

Saturday, January 18th

SirFreezy explains "Kamasutra" to FoXx because we are turning up the party here in Vegas this weekend! There is a GAY Trifect of events including  Sin City Classic, GAYvns, and of course The HustlaBall Kamasutra Edition! 

Today we had Fabrice Marino on the air who has been producing The HustlBall in Vegas for the past 7 years! We got the inside scoop everything from the planning and preparation of the party, to future plans and destinations for it. You can still get tickets at www.sirfp.com/buyhustlalv20, and using cupon code "EFFEN" at check out!

www.HustlaBall.com has been around since the 90's and happens in many different places! This is the last year the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas will be open but don’t worry, The HustlaBall Las Vegas WILL back next year, same location, different place, same time! Find out what that means on this podcast!
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