Ryan, Adam Faison, Shira

The TV Show Breaking Ground for the Autistic Community

Adam Faison joins Let's Go There to discuss his role in Freeform’s highly-anticipated drama series “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.” The series has Faison playing the love interest of Nicholas who is taking over care of his two half-sisters as they cope with the loss of his father who passes away of...
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Noah Galvin

Booksmart And Beyond With Actor Noah Galvin

Noah Galvin joins Let's Go There to talk about the 2nd season of his young adult fiction podcast "The Two Princes ...
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An App To Find Black Santa

An App To Help You Find Black Santa!

You read that right, there is now an app to find Black Santa Clause.
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Molle Grey and Shira Lazar

Actress Mollee Gray; On Love and Her Husband's Trans Journey

Mollee Gray joins Let's Go There to discuss her latest starring role in the indie film The Reliant about an economic meltdown causing unrest and violence. Her character in the movie suffers from Hoplophobia, a fear of firearms and fear of armed citizens...
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World Aid Ribbon

World Aids Days; Breaking Down The Myth of the Virus

It was World Aids Day over Thanksgiving weekend, where the LGBTQ and allies celebrate advancements as well as the continued stigma around AIDS and HIV...
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Liz Plank

What We Need To Do To Support Men

Award-winning Journalist and Author of For the Love of Men: A New Vision For Mindful Masculinity, Liz Plank, joins us to discuss her new book and how we can work together to redefine these societal norms.
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How Locker Rooms Across America Could Become More Trans-Inclusive and Save Lives.

On Trans Remembrance Day, we look at how trans inclusivity and education continue to be more critical than ever before. Speaking of Transgender is a national training and consulting company that has conducted hundreds of gender diversity and inclusion training, specifically around transgender...
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Mary Lambert On Her New Album, and How To Find Yourself Through Trauma

Mary Lambert returns to Let's Go There to talk all about her new album, Grief Creature...
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ProjectQ - #YASSQueen- How ProjectQ Highlights Hair & Saves Lives.

Today’s YASSS Queen goes to one of our new favorite LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations, ProjectQ. Based in Los Angeles, founder Madin Ray Lopez created a salon and community center to help LGBTQIA+ homeless youth of color combat bullying, develop self-esteem and find an identity for themselves through...
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Trans Advocate Gia Gunn Opens Up In Her Most Candid Interview Yet

Drag Star and trans advocate, Gia Gunn joins Let's Go There to discuss confronting Rupaul on Drag Race All Stars and what she learned about herself while sharing her trans journey with the world. Gunn also shares what's next for her including moving into the wellness space and her dream of being on...
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