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Domestic Violence in the LGBTQ Community

It’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we are discussing the lack of awareness around the topic in the LGBTQ community. Many of the same tactics are used to gain power and control as are seen in abusive dynamics within heterosexual relationships. Nurse Practitioner, James Simmons,... Read More

Men, Have You Been Checked?

Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles recently announced that he's being treated for breast cancer. While rare, breast cancer will affect about 1 in 833 men and 1 in 8 women over a lifetime. We're discussing the disease, symptoms to look out for and why it's rarely talked about for men. Joining us for the... Read More

It's Friday: Here's Our Weekend Mood Playlist

It just hit 5:30 PM on a Friday, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite songs to start your weekend off right! You had a here are some tunes to let the weekend mood hit! 1. Click -Charli XCX (ft. Kim Petras & Tommy Cash) 2. Got My Number -Kim Petras 3. Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels... Read More

Music's One To Watch: Nova Miller

If you haven’t heard of Nova Miller, then strap in because we think she’s the next big thing coming out of Stockholm. Nova Miller stops by the studio to chat all about her new single ‘Do It To Myself’ and what self-love means to her. Also, she lets us in on the female artists that she is stanning... Read More

7 of The Best Places to Get Into The Autumn Spirit in Los Angeles

Who said we can't experience some crisp Autumn weather here in the ever sunny Los Angeles! Even though the belief is that all Los Angelinos experience a type of perma-summer, we are giving you 12 ultra-Autumn locations that will make you forget all about summer! So, grab your boots and sweaters it'... Read More

ICYMI: Pro's And Cons Of Anal Bleaching!

Have you ever wondered about Anal Bleaching? Why you should or shouldn't do it? What to think about? What to consider? Well, we had on Dr. Evan Goldstein breaking it all down, and we went there. Click play and be prepared to be blown away, Read More
Naughty Dog

Naughty dogs look cute while being terrors

We love our pups but that doesn't mean they are always good puppies. Check out this list of pups that try their best to prove their innocence after getting in trouble and IT. IS. ADORABLE! Take a look at the photos and then let us know on social media what bad things your pups did @wearechannelq ! Read More