"We Are Not a Virus," says "Top Chef's" Melissa King

about Being Asian American in COVID-19 Era

March 26, 2020

Chef Melissa King from this season's "Top Chef": All-Stars LA discusses tips on how to cook at home, the troubles of owning a restaurant in SF during a lockdown, and having to deal with racism with regards to COVID-19.

Melissa is a queer, Asian American woman and with some people bringing in race into COVID-19, she says that it's upsetting. "We are not a virus, this is something we are all fighting together," King says.

Melissa says that right now she is posting a lot of cooking tips on her instagram to show people how to use the ingredients and canned food in your pantry to make delicious recipes. 

In San Francisco, Melissa says once the shelter-in-place happened that people fell in order and stayed inside compared to what she's hearing going on in Los Angeles and other parts of the country.

She hopes that everyone can be kind to one another and check in with friends and family virtually. She also says that right now is a time to show and spread our love.

You can follow Melissa on Instagram @chefmelissaking

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