Story Time with Nina West

March 25, 2020

Nina West, new face of Pantene, joins AJ and Mikalah to talk about the importance of staying inside and her new instagram live segment called "Story Time with Nina". 

Nina said that working with Pantene feels so surreal because she remembers watching Kelly LeBrock as the face of Pantene when she was still living in Ohio and never thought one day she would be living her dream. She thinks that putting drag and queerness in the Pantene brand is awesome!

Nina West got home from New York about a week ago and is now self quarantined which is how she came up with the idea to do an Instagram live segment called "Story Time with Nina" where she reads children's books that are relevant and relatable to kids.

Nina also discussed the importance of self quarantine and mental health. She said that it's scary but that she just tells herself that she is not alone, but that we are alone together. Her advice is to change your daily routine up, have facetime dates, and virtual happy hours. And, to check in with the news, but do not dwell on it. 

You can watch "Story Time with Nina" on Wednesday and Saturdays at 4PM on her instagram @NinaWest.

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