Employment Advocate Rex Wilde on Gender Inclusion in the Workplace

March 31, 2020


Employment advocate Rex Wilde joins AJ and Mikalah to discuss gender inclusion in the workplace. 

Rex says that gender diversity in the workforce is important because as we are moving into the future we are moving into a more gender diverse world. A lot of work places and individuals want to be supportive of the transgender community, but they don't have the right education to make sure their actions are in alignment with their values. 

Rex's job is to educate work places on gender inclusivity and provide trainings as well as direct consulting to ensure transgender inclusion. Rex says that by 2025 millenials and Gen Z are going to make over 60% of our global workforce and studies show that 12% of millenials and 20% of Gen Z are transgender or gender non-conforming. 

Rex suggests to educate yourself and learn more about pronouns as well as practice pronouns in your vernacular.

You can find more information on rexwilde.com

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