Teyana Taylor Prepares For the Ball in 'WTP' Video Teaser: Watch

January 9, 2019

Teyana Taylor has a habit of giving her fans what they want. After signing to Kanye West’s music label GOOD Music back in 2012, the star has spent most of her career providing her avid fan base with hip hop bangers, including recent fan favorite song “WTP,” off of her 2018 album K.T.S.E.

Now, Taylor is providing for her fans once again with a brand new music video for the track. A teaser clip posted to Instagram shows her and a few of her collaborators appearing on “FEMTV,” an MTV parody, speaking about whether or not the star has what it takes to compete in a ball. “I just don’t understand why I’m not good enough to work my pussy at the ball,” Taylor says during her confessional. “I can work my pussy!”

The video then transitions into a glittering New York ball, complete with judges holding up scores, adoring fans screaming from the sidelines and a number of high-fashion queens serving up looks, dance moves and walks. “She’s a motherfucking international sensation,” Mykki Blanco says over the track. “Allow Ms. Taylor to sing the blues.”

Fans immediately started sharing their excitement on social media, many praising the star for making a video with such direct references to queer culture in a hip hop video. “Teyana Taylor did a video for ‘WTP,’” one fan wrote, earning a RT from the artist. “She bout to bring the gay out of me.”

The video for “WTP” will be released on Jan. 19. Check out the full teaser below: