PRIDE: Stonewall's Impact 50 Years Later

A CHANNEL Q Original

June 17, 2019

In order to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The Stonewall Inn Uprisings CHANNEL Q has collaborated with icons of the LGBTQ+ community to answer the questions: "What does Pride mean to you?" and "How do you continue to break down walls during Pride?" LGBTQ+ Icons and Allies such as Laverne Cox, Margaret Cho, Frankie Grande, and Lizzo, share with us the importance of Pride as it relates to their own personal stories and journies. And watch as our hosts and DJs, John Duran, Dr. Chris Donaghue, DJ Alex D, Mikalah Gordon, Jai Rodriguez, Ally Johnson, DJ Lisa Pittman, Ryan Mitchell, and Shira Lazar share sentimental and uplifting moments as they reflect on what it means to be prideful and impactful! 

This CHANNEL Q original video is dedicated to our brave community members who made history with their uprising at the Stonewall Inn. It is also dedicated to the many who have come before and to those who continue to stand by our side and fight for equality and justice for all. Happy Pride 2019!