'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4' Power Ranking: Episode 5

January 11, 2019

Which All Stars 4 queen will earn a spot next to Chad Michaels, Alaska and Trixie Mattel in the Drag Race Hall of Fame? Each week, Billboard will rank the queens based on their performances on this season, as well as seasons past, to determine who is the lead for the crown. Follow Billboard Pride on Twitter and Facebook for updated leaderboards each week.

Last week, the queens took it to the courthouse in a comedic improv challenge called Jersey Justice. Manila Luzon and Monique Heart won the challenge, each upping their tally to two wins this season. After a lip sync showdown to Tina Turner’s “The Bitch Is Back,” Monique won the power to send a queen home, eliminating series legend Latrice Royale.

Tonight, the queens duke it out in a roast of drag icon Lady Bunny.

6. Monét X Change (last week: 4)

Headed into this week’s roast, Monét has the worst report card: She scored low during the talent show and was in the bottom last week, alongside eliminee Latrice Royale. While it’s hard imagining that she’ll tank in a roast challenge, the naturally charismatic queen has struggled to break through in this season’s comedic challenges. Here’s hoping she’s got her lucky sponge!

5. Valentina (last week: 5)

Valentina continues to be an enigma this season. While we would have absolutely written her off ahead of a roast challenge on season 9, her acting chops have improved tenfold on All Stars 4. She may not have won, but her “OG Snookie” character on last week’s Jersey Justice challenge was one of the episode’s highlights. This week will be a toss-up for the Latina queen.

4. Naomi Smalls (last week: 2)

This episode will be telling for Naomi. While she’s undoubtedly a strong competitor, the Chicago-based queen has yet to land in the top for a challenge. As the herd thins out, Naomi’s lack of wins makes her more and more vulnerable. She’ll need a win this week if she intends on making it to the finals.

3. Monique Heart (last week: 6)

Monique is emerging as an unsuspecting front-runner; despite finishing in eighth place on season 10, she’s among the three queens who have notched two wins on All Stars 4. If her gut-busting turn in last week’s comedy challenge was any indication, Monique could be a force during this roast.

2. Trinity (last week: 1)

We’re going to see Trinity in the finals. She’s established herself as strong competition early on and these queens seem to want to play a fair game by eliminating the weaker links each week. Still, is it possible that Trinity peaked too early? She’ll need to maintain her top-of-the-back status a couple more weeks if she wants the crown.

1. Manila (last week: 3)

Manila is owning All Stars 4. While she may not have won the lip sync showdown against Monique last week, she’s gaining momentum at just the right time. The only thing standing in between the season’s oldest contestant and a spot in the finals is the giant target she painted on her back by choosing Monét as her eliminee had she won the lip sync.