A CHANNEL Q Exclusive: Nikita Dragun Talks All Things Dragun Beauty

Nikita Dragun Discusses the Inclusive Nature of LGBTQ+ Friendly Brand, Dragun Beauty

June 20, 2019

A CHANNEL Q Exclusive:

In celebration of Pride month and Nikita Dragun's cosmetic brand, we got to sit down with the IG baddie herself and get a full understanding of the new LGBTQ+ friendly brand, Dragun Beauty. Nikita discusses the groundbreaking nature of being a trans business owner and being the CEO of Dragun Beauty, while also creating a line of cosmetics that isn't just body positive but also geared towards the LGBTQ+ community. On the Dragun Beauty website, the mission statement is as such, "We’re all about empowering beauty lovers of all shapes, skin tones and sexualities as we journey along the road to self-discovery; unleashing the fantasy within." 

Nikita gives us the inside scoop about her iconic line "selling the fantasy" and really breaks the saying down for the viewer. The Dragun kween, truly believes that anyone can live their full fantasy, all one has to do is follow one's "craziest and wildest" dreams! 

We were seriously living our full fantasy with Nikita Dragun in studios! To check out the Dragun Beauty line just click here