Miley Cyrus Shares with 100 Million Followers That "You Don't Have To Be Gay"

October 22, 2019

On Saturday night, during an Instagram live stream with new beau, Cody Simpson, Cyrus made remarks about her sexuailty that made many LGBTQ+ community members question Cyrus's level of education and awareness when it comes to identifying as a community member. In 2015 Cyrus came out as Pansexual and identified as gender-fluid. But as of this past weekend, the remarks Cyrus made on Instagram live leave LGBTQ+ fans feeling confused and frustrated. 

In the live video, Cyrus states to Simpson, "There are good men out there, guys." “Don’t give up. You don’t have to be gay. There are good people with dicks out there. You’ve just got to find them.” 

Today on The Morning Beat Jai and Mikalah covered this statement from Cyrus and give us their take on the situation. We acknowledge that everyone's experiences are different and that no two queer experiences represent the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. However, statements like this from someone like Cyrus, who has a large following and platform to speak on can be determinantal to a community that is working continuously towards equality, and in many scenarios safety in public spaces.  

After the comments by Cyrus, she released an apology statement on Twitter. See below. 


Listen Here for the hot take from Jai and Mikalah.