What do people with emojis enjoy more than others

So those eggplants and peaches mean something else?

August 22, 2019

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If you're above a certain age, you may not be as familiar with emojis, but for the sake of your sex life you may want to start.

New Research from the Kinsey Institute, published in the PLOS One journal, shows emoji users are more likely to go on a second date with their romantic partners than people who don’t use emoji in texts.

The research goes on to clarify that while you may not increase your chances of getting a date with using emojis, once you get that first date you're more likely to get a second.

The study is particularly relevant to the LGBTQ+ community as over 13.2 percent of the study participants come from the community while the most recent Gallup survey states 4.5 percent of the overall population identifies in the commmunity.

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