Is Self-Care Becoming A Weapon Against You?

Tips To Realizing Toxic Self-Care Habits.

August 26, 2019

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We are big advocates for self care here o. Loveline, and know the importance of it. We have noticed that there are some fake Self-Care tips that people have been give. We understand that Self-Care May be another thing on your todo list, but we’d like to help bring you in the right direction. 

Instead of just buying self-care products as a way to cover your feelings be open to your emotions and reach for something that will help you dive deep in your emotions. Do your best to stay away from numbing these feelings with alcohol or drugs. Some great things we find helpful are calling a friend(someone that uplifts you), moving your body, centering yourself with yoga or meditation, writing things down or journaling, or going to group therapy. 

Practice kindness with yourself. Know that your feelings aren't final and tell yourself that. A good example would be "hey I am having this feeling, and it is okay. It will pass and it will get better.

Always ask yourself questions, checking in with yourself is key. A good question could be "what will help me in this moment?" or "what have I done vefore to help me?"

There are more tips here at PsychologyToday

Whitney Hawkins Goodman

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