Tips On Getting A Good Nights Sleep!

February 5, 2020
Sleeping Tiips

Getty Images, katiafonti

We know that sleeping can be difficult at times so we wanted to share some sleeping gems.

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The first is stick to a regular sleep schedule.

The second is to not exercise too late

The third is to avoid caffeine and nicotine before bed.

The fourth is to avoid alcoholic beverages before bed.

The Fifth is to avoid large meals and beverages before bed.

The sixth is to avoid medicines that may delay your sleep or even disrupt it.

The seventh is to not take a nap after three.

The eighth is to allow yourself sometime to rest before falling asleep, this includes staying off your phone.

The ninth is to take a hot bath or shower before bed.

The Tenth tip is to have a dark room, cool temperature in your room, also be device free.

The eleventh is to get enough sunlight exposure during the day, that vitamin D helps you sleep.

The twelvth tip is to not stay in bed ig you really cant sleep.

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