Are Psychiatric Meds Affecting You Sexually?

Here Are Ways To Overcome It?

November 14, 2019

Getty Images, Natalija Grigel

Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, and Lexapro are all a few of the psychiatric meds that we are talking about.

Studies show that these may reduce sex drive by thirty percent. These drugs also reduce sensation and lubrication, as well as make it difficult to get an erection by twenty percent. They may also prevent Orgasms by thirty to forty percent.

Here are a few steps to bounce back.

1. Give yourself a break already. Be present and aware of the side effects of your specific medications.

2. Talk to your partner. The more they understand what's happening with you and your body, the more they will be able to support you.

3. Leave lots of time for foreplay. Although a quickie may be fun, don't expect to get to the zone you want right away.

4. Use porn. Find something that is ethically produced and something that you're into!

5. Use Lube. If the meds are messing with your natural juices go and grab some lube. Dr. Donaghue loves coconut oil, highly recommended.

6. Switch Meds. If they are really messing with you speak to your doctor and get on something that fits your body.

7. Lower dose. If the meds are high in dosage feel free to contact your doctor to lower the dosage, this may help in the long-run as well.

8. Schedule Sex. Schedule sex for times when side effects are less pronounced.