Dr. Chris Wants You to Stay Calm During the Outbreak!

Here are His Tips for You

March 13, 2020

Dr. Chris says if you're feeling anxious because of all the news and repition of the coronavirus then here are some tips to follow: 

1. Take a break and take a vacation from the coronavirus 

2. Only check in for coronavirus updates once or twice a day (morning and/or night) 

3. Dont scare yourself. If you are healthy then remember you are not as susceptible to the virus as others may be.

4. Use santitizer that contains 50-60 percent alcohol

5. Wash your hands for 20 seconds

6. Cough into your elbow; if you have the virus and you cough into your hand then you can leave it on surfcaes for up to 96 hours

7. Please leave masks to those who are sick so that they dont get others sick