Creative Ways To Have Sex During The Holidays

December 19, 2019
Steam It Up For The Holidays

Getty Image, ajr_images

Many people are going home for the holidays, and we want you all to spice it up!

Here is a list of some stuff you may want to try out.

The first is to book a hotel room. Yes, your home but it is also good to get away with your partner even if it were for one night.

The second is to bring some quieting props. Yes, this includes gags. We know that the idea of getting caught can be nerve-wracking, but a toy reminder to keep quiet can help.

The third is to take advantage of your family's schedule. If they are going to grab a few things outside, stay back, and do it.

The fourth is to take "naps" together. You can get something in and be present with your partner, then take a nap.

The fifth is to save water and shower together. The shower can be very steamy and can feel really good, plus you save water by showering together.

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