Are Your Parents Controlling You?

Ways Parents Disguise Control As Protection!

December 2, 2019
Dad Holding Daughters Hand

Getty Image, fizkes

Many have seen the scandal between rapper T.I and his daughter, where T.I went to the doctors with his daughter to check if her Hymen was intact. 

We wanted to give you all some signs that your parent may be disguising control as protection.

The first would be prohibiting male friendship. This can potentially cause more harm than good and can instill fear of males.

The second is enforcing a rigid dress code. This gives the daughter the idea that she has very limited body autonomy and it is her responsibility to not be viewed by men a certain way.

The third is using undesirability as a threat. This is seen as "no one will like you if you do..." or  "don't do ... because ..." 

The fourth is setting unreasonable dating rules. This can be seen as "you can't date until you are ..." 

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