Are You In A Codependent Relationship?

Here Are 8 Signs Showing You Might Be

August 22, 2019

Getty Image, Larry Busacca

We all have different power dynamics in our relationships, but we wanted to share with you all some toxic relationship habits/ emotional abuse.

1. You Feel Like A Caretaker  If you're the consisten caretaker it can cause burnout and will probbaly create an unbalanced dynamic. You may think you are helping out but it may not be a good sign for your relationship. If you're in a healthy relationship you both can take of one another.

2. You've Lost Your Identity If you have lost touch with some of your personal values, or interests, or even your life goals you are most likely hat's a sign that codependency has emerged

3. You Only Have A Social Life When Your Partner Is Busy  If you find yourself only hanging out with friends and family member when your partner is busy it is time to asses the codependency.

4. You're Scared To Disagree If you keep finding yourself aggreeing to everything your partner is saying and not putting in your opinion it sounds like you are losing track of who you are. It is important to express your thoughts and feelings as well.

5. Your Mood Depends On Your Partner's Mood If you are finding yourself unhappy if your partner is unhappy or if you can only find happiness when your partner is happy it is not a good sign.

6. You've Changed To Match Their Lifestyle If you are becoming more of your partners twin than a compliment of them codependency is there.

7. You Feel Anxious Without Them If you only feel comfortable when your partner is around and you feel anxious without them, that could be a sign of codependency

8. You Worry About Your Partner All The Time It is important to care for your partner's happiness, but if it starts feeling consuming its a sign that you are independent and you should embrace that some more.

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