Victoria Monet Is The Next Queer Artist You Need to Look Out For

Monet talks her new single "Dive"

April 21, 2020
 Victoria Monet joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on Let’s Go There to discuss her newly released single, “Dive”. Monet opens up about what it means to be a queer woman in the music industry. Ryan asks the singer/songwriter what the journey to find her own voice as an artist has been like. Monet says that from the moment she started writing songs, she was always writing for herself. She adds that she has always been a singer, but she found her success with writing songs first. 


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Monet continues by sharing how social isolation has impacted her artistry. She says that the pandemic has made it harder for her upcoming releases, but is glad people in her circle are taking the quarantine seriously. Monet has been adjusting to the new ways in which she approaches making music now. She elaborates, “Right now I'm in the self-care phase. I'm making sure that everything in my home is up to par just so I feel good in this space.” Monet poetically adds that “we work just to live, so live a little bit.”

Victoria Monet’s new single “Dive” from her upcoming EP Jaguar is now available everywhere!

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