A Gay Couple's Wedding Photos Have Reemerged After Decades, Now the Search is on to Find the Grooms

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July 26, 2019

One Archives and the Wilcox Archives

Black and Whites images of a beautiful wedding ceremony from 1957 have surfaced! 

The photos taken decades ago were brought to a local drug store in Philadelphia to have them developed, but the store manager at the time deemed them 'inappropriate' because they included images of two men kissing.

An employee held onto them so she could give them to the rightful owner, but he never came back! Now curator with the Wilcox Archive has the photos. The Wilcox and the ONE Archive have been searching for the men since 2013. So far, there have been no leads on any of the people in the ceremony photos.  

Check out the rest of the photos here! And If you see yourself, the photos are ready!