Perez Hilton Says He Wants To Apologize To Lady Gaga

The celebrity journalist says it will always be in his nature to be controversial

May 8, 2020

In his most recent interview with Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q's Let's Go There Perez Hilton discusses how he'll never not be risqué when it comes to his celebrity reporting. The infamous and iconic gossip journalist has certainly stirred the pot with many a star, but Perez says, "I mean I'm just salacious even without trying." 

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However in his book, TMI: My Life In Scandal  Perez addresses that there are relationships he's regretted damaging. "I talk about everything in really blunt honest terms...I'm not just honest about celebrities, I'm honest about myself. I'm not trying to paint myself to be anything other than what I really am." 

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Ryan asks who the celebrity is that Perez would want to apologize to now. Perez says there are tons of celebrities he'd reach out to, but specifically he wants to focus on the mistakes he made in his relationship with Lady Gaga. "I would happily apologize to her... and try to get to a place of understanding." Perez details the reasons why their friendship fell apart and says he'd like to turn things around. 

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