Mary Lambert, "Queer Liberation Would Not Have Happened Had It Not Been for the Civil Rights Movement"

The singer, songwriter chats with 'Let's Go There' about pride and protests

June 4, 2020

Acknowledging that Pride celebrations began at the hands of queer and transgender people of color goes hand-in-hand with supporting the protest that occurring today. During her interview with CHANNEL Q's Let's Go There, Mary Lambert shares with Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell that, "queer liberation would not have happened had it not been for the Civil Rights Movement." The singer and songwriter is adamant in her beliefs that pride has and should always be intersectional. 

Human rights > property rights

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Lambert says, "as a white queer person, it is so important to support people of color because if one person is pressed than we are all pressed. If you think for a second that your white gayness will protect you from the Black Lives Matter movement or protect you from the police, then look at Stonewall." The LGBTQ community has and still faces marginalization, so not standing with the black community still resorts to complacency. 

This year has brought on so many societal shifts and civil unrest. The "Same Love" singer explains, "I think its the perfect time for Pride...I don't think it is a coincidence, I think its a really beautiful thing. Even though there is a lot of turmoil right now there is also a lot of celebration in the liberation, and there is celebration in saying, 'this isn't going to stand anymore.' The gay community really banned together and got gay marriage passed. It feels like the gay community can do more to serve this purpose as well." 

Thank you @iheart_kandi for such a helpful, informative starter pack for white folks who want to be antiracist but might not know where to start. Also my black box post was not helpful and yet another learning opportunity. I wasn't listening to black leaders, and just posted a black box as performative allyship. So sorry for any frustration I caused. Wanted to just let y'all know that my workshop for Heavy Hitters was moved to tomorrow & that I stand with protesters and the black lives matter movement. I will work to be a better ally to the black community. I've spent the day reflecting, reading, and listening. Drop links below if you think there's something I should read or a business I should support or an organization I should donate to! Love y’all fiercely.

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Ryan brings up the point that the LGBTQ community is incredibly diverse and one of the only communities where so many races are represented. In agreement, Mary acknowledges this and says, "when one of us feels inequality we all feel inequality."