Mark Cuban Suggests We Extend Pick-Up & Delivery Methods To All Retail Businesses

The entrepreneur and head 'Shark Tank' investor is thinking strategically for when the U.S. begins to reopen

May 4, 2020

Lisen to Mark Cuban On The Let's Go There Podcast

Mark Cuban joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q's Let's Go There, to discuss how the country could successfully "reopen" and details steps on how small businesses will have to re-think their models in order to sustain business during and post-pandemic.

The Shark Tank investor makes one thing very clear first and foremost, he says, "Particularly now with the way the world has changed, you have to learn to be nice. Everybody wants people to be nice. You can't be successful in business anymore unless you put your employees, your vendors, and everybody, ahead of profits...if you don't take care of people now, when they're at their worst and struggling the most, when would you ever do anything nice for anybody? I think your customers, and your potential customers, and people around your business all recognize that." 

During the global pandemic, we have seen that companies who have not been transparent or kind to their employees have faced major backlash and protests. Cuban says, "If you aren't compassionate and you aren't nice, then your brand is just going to get toasted and people aren't going to want to do business with you ever again." 

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In regards to the nation's "reopening", Cuban is a member of the White House's Economic Reopening Council and he says that he has urged the council to focus on what measures have been successful for businesses during the pandemic. He says, "Rather than talking about opening up retail or costumer-facing stores, let's talk about extending what works. What I've recommended is that we extend that pick-up and delivery to any business that wants to do it. I don't care if you're a hardware store or a clothing store, whatever it is....why not extend your business to pick-up and delivery." The entrepreneur also says, "I'm pushing for job programs so that we can hire millions of people that are out of work. We need to focus on trickle-up economics. We need to get money and jobs in the hands of people who don't have them now." 

Cuban suggests that allowing businesses to focus on pick-up and delivery services would not only keep the public safe, but would also lower the risk that employees would face while at work. Cuban also says that this plan lets companies get started again, let's some people get back into the office again and lets more deliveries happen again. 

Ryan suggests that even if more stores were to re-open, using only pick-up and delivery methods, this would not stop people from being angry about the country not being fully functional. Ryan asks Cuban how he thinks the protestors would respond. Cuban says the virus is an equal opportunity virus and that, "They would learn the hard way." Cuban encourages small businesses to think out of the box and be "agile" during this time. There are government programs out there, that he also suggests small businesses should take advantage of. 


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