Here is Why Jussie Smollett Attack is Not that Surprising

Victim of Homophobic Attack by MAGA

January 29, 2019

On this episode of Let's Go There, we discuss the tragic news surrounding "Empire" star Jussie Smollett who was the victim of a homophobic attack in Chicago. Smollett was brutally attacked by 2 men who beat him up, put his head in a noose and screamed, "This is MAGA country."

Co-host Ryan Mitchell also gets emotional opening up about the fear surrounding being a queer person of color in today's political climate.

Special guest, Juliette Verrengia, Policy Advocacy Specialist at Anti-Violence Project joins the conversation with data that reveals hate crimes have increased in the US since 2017. Specifically, injuries from hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community have increased as well. Verrengia clarifies this has always been an issue in the United States, but perpetrators might be encouraged to act out more than before due to the actions we're seeing from the current administration.

Anyone with information regarding Jussie Smorrett is asked to call Area Central Detectives at 312-747-8382, or report anonymously to