Mat Talker Extraordinaire, Jerry Harris, of Netflix's Hit Docuseries "Cheer" says Cheerleading Is a Way To Overcome Adversity and be Triumphant

Harris sits down with Let's Go There and shares his Navarro Cheer experiences with Shira and Ryan. Harris also tells us where his big personality is taking him next!

February 12, 2020
Jerry Harris of Netflix Cheer Docuseries Joins Lets Go There on CHANNEL Q in Los Angeles

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From the beginning Jerry Harris, of Netflix's, six-part ,hit docuseries, 'Cheer', emerges as a beacon of positivey, not just for his team, but for viewers as well. The series follows the Navarro College Cheer team as they prepare for the road to the annual National Cheerleading Championship in Daytona, Florida.

Post series, Harris joins Shira and Ryan on 'Let's Go There' to give us an inside look into what his 'Cheer' experince means to him. When asked what cheer means to him, Harris shares that sports allow people to overcome struggle and adversity. He feels that being on a team means having continual support, on or off the mat.

Finally, Harris also breaksdown where mat talk comes from and shares the mat talk experinces with our team here at CHANNEL Q! Stay tuned for the full interview, airing today on CHANNEL Q's Let's Go There at 5:25 PM PST/ 8:25 PM EST.  Listen live HERE.

Surprise! Break out star @jerry.h.arris from @netflix’s hit docuseries @navarro_college_cheer, takes a quick trip through the CHANNEL Q offices w/ @theslaygawd, to throw down some “mat talk” and dish out the compliments on a Monday morning! Stay tuned as @jerry.h.arris joins @lgtshow for a full interview tomorrow! ------

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Harris has quickly become a fan favorite because of his boisterous "mat talk", or highly energtic compliments given while cheer team members are doing routines on the mat. His optimism radiates and resonates with viewers. Overnight, Harris has cultivated a follwoing and been deemed a breakout star across social media. Most recently Harris was sent to cover the Oscars red carpet as a corrispondent for The Ellen Show. 

Jerry Harris Netflix's Cheer
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