ICYMI LGT: Will COVID-19 Lead to Overall Prison Reform?

and Why Trump is Attacking the Governor of New York

March 24, 2020
ICYMI LGT: Will COVID-19 Lead to Overall Prison Reform?

Shira and Ryan discussed how Trump attacked New York City Governor, Cuomo, over the coronavirus response and their ongoing on and off again relationship. New York is becoming the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States and Trump's remarks remarks were the instance in which he has said states should take the lead in ordering medical equipment to confront the virus. As the Coronavirus spreads across the nation, it has exposed potentially dire health care conditions in some prisons and jails and that's forced many to change the way they operate. Ryan and Shira discuss the benefits of letting prisoners out of jail and if this will lead to overall prison reform in the future. How are you spending your time off? Because some celebrities think it's a great time to get plastic surgery! And, with buying habits shifting to apps and online do you think delivery and curbside pickup will be the future of shopping? 

Shira and Ryan go there!

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