Feeling Guilty for Being Unproductive? You're Not Alone!

March 23, 2020
Feeling Guilty for Being Unproductive?

Today on LGT we discuss Mayor Eric Garcetti's plan to launch testing portal for coronavirus and his decision to clos LA recreational beach and parks, Trump wrote a letter to Kim Jong-un offering to help fight the virus in North Korea, and democratic political strategist Drexel Heard joined the show to talk about 'serious issues' with a massive stimulus bill meant to respond to the economic fallout from the spread of coronavirus.  May Boeve, executive director of 350.org, to talk about how staying home has actually helped to change the environment and find out why one of trumps coronavirus experts Dr. Anthony Fauci is even warning us against following Trump's medical advice. Plus we update you on everything COVID-19 and how to get over the pressure to feel productive during quarantine.