Christina Elmore Addresses How the Pandemic Will Affect the Way We Tell Stories About People of Color

Will Content Take A Hit?

April 29, 2020

Christina Elmore of HBO's Insecure and BET's Twenties, joins Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q's, Let's Go There. The actress discusses her experience working with greats such as Lena Waithe and Issa Rae, plus shares her thoughts on what will happen to content highlighting the stories of people of color, post-pandemic. 

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Ryan brings up the point that people of color in media will feel a drastic effect from productions being put on pause during the pandemic. He says, "I feel like we are in such a Renaissance right now. And we've seen so much content coming from a lot of talented people of color." He hopes that it is still a priority, but he asks Elmore if she thinks this kind of media will "take a huge hit?"

Elmore follows up by sharing, "It feels like there were so many avenues for content to be created and consumed that it was no longer like here's our black show on our network." She says the demand was up for more stories being told with a more accurate experience and perspective. She says, "People were being able to tell more specific stories and more interesting stories that weren't just checking boxes." Elmore continues, "That when only a few things come back at a time we will be trying to check boxes again." 

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Elmore speaks to her experience of working with women such as Lena Waithe and Issa Rae, who have really propelled content featuring strong women of color to the forefront. The Twenties actress says, "These are groundbreaking, culture-shifting shows, and I think a lot of that comes from having groundbreaking, cultural-shifting women at the helms. Lena Waithe and Issa Rae are just gems. They're like national treasures. They have a voice that is so unique and so appealing." Elmore says she was already a big fan of Issa Rae's, Insecure before landing her reoccurring role at the end of the show's third season.

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