Bob the Drag Queen Calls on Prominent, Black, Male Hip-Hop Artists to Support Black Trans Lives

The Drag Race winner acknowledges the importance of intersectionality .

June 11, 2020

Bob The Drag Queen is the first to say that we must do better when it comes to collectively uplifting black, transgender voices. 

The season eight winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, told CHANNEL Q’s Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell, “because I am in such a queer bubble I forget that the world doesn’t acknowledge that black trans lives matter… you feel a little saddened because you know if you go to a Black Lives Matter rally, that means a lot to you, but not everyone at that rally is going to be standing for you because of your queerness, because of your non-binary, because of whatever you are.” 

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Bob touches upon the recent attack of Iyonna Dior, a transgender woman who was brutally attacked while trying to peacefully protest. “It just really hurt, we need to be doing something about this. I need to be speaking to my brother and my uncle, and my father… I could never see anyone in my family engaging in that type of behavior, but I will talk to them anyway just to make sure,” says the Queen. 

The We’re Here star also shared with the Let’s Go There hosts that there is a major need for more public figures to speak out specifically in support of black trans lives. If more iconic, cis-gendered, black, male artists spoke out Bob feels this would lead to a shift. He speaks to the idea of bridging this gap and shares, “that's why I want a lot of prominent black men [to speak out>, especially…to see it come from the hip hop community.” Bob continues, “Seeing JAY-Z at the GLAAD dinner was great, but I would also love for JAY-Z to come forward without Beyoncé on his arm and say ‘black trans lives matter…’”