Betty Who Shares Why We Must Move Past Being Performative on Social Media

The LGBTQ+ icon shares how she's been grappling with her own platform

June 29, 2020

Australian singer and queer icon, Betty Who, joined Let's Go There not only to discuss the power of Pride but also to discuss how to navigate social media in a time when we can fall into the trap of being performative rather than impactful. 

Watch as Betty discusses smart usages of social media platforms that lead to educational opportunities rather than just a display of solidarity. Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell also speak to the musician about how her career has shifted during the pandemic and how she's changing the way she uses her platform in general. 


--MY PATREON PAGE IS LIVE!-- y’all know this already but being an entertainer in a time where you can’t entertain has been very challenging for so many of us musicians. Financially, of course, but also mentally and emotionally! Being on stage performing for you all is LITERALLY the only reason I’m on this planet so until the time comes when I can start doing that again, we’ve been trying to get creative. (INDEPENDENT ARTIST LIFE! ------) Having a Patreon means I can create fun content to share with you while I’m trapped in isolation and y’all can subscribe to one of two tiers to gain access to all the goodness! Best part is it’ll only cost you $5 a month, $10 if ya fancy ----‍♀️ The price of cup of coffee! (Or two!) A steal! ☕️ I seriously wouldn’t have made it this far without all of your support and I’m sad the circumstances of our world have led me to, yet again, come to you in need. I hope one day I can make a song or play a show that can support you and make you feel as special as you’ve all made me feel. Until then. -------- Link in bio.

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