Halsey Reminds Everyone That Female Artists Can Have Male Friends Without Them 'Sleeping Together'

November 8, 2018

Halsey took to Twitter on Thursday (Nov. 8) to share a "groundbreaking idea" about how female artists should be able to have friends.

"What if...we let female artists...have friends...without assuming that they are sleeping together? I know I know. It’s like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried ?" the 24-year-old singer wrote.

Halsey's tweet follows rumors that she and 41-year-old John Mayer (Billboard's current cover star) were acting flirtatious on Instagram, with E! News including cute comments and screenshots of the two on FaceTime.

Halsey's recent split from G-Eazy earlier this year further perpetuated rumors of a romance between the two artists.

Check out Halsey's tweet below.