What Does "PRIDE" Mean to You?

Stephan SirFreezy, from We Are Channel Q's show "FoXx & Freezy," shares what PRIDE means to him in an article published in Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine - The PRIDE Issue

October 8, 2019
What Pride Means to Me - Stephan SirFreezy

Stephan SirFreezy's Article starts....

"People are unique in their own ways, and like everyone’s fingerprints, no two people are the same. This leads us to interpret things differently, apart from one another.

Last year, I asked myself after another year of LGBTQ+ Prides across the world, "Stephan, what does Pride mean to you?" Well, I will share with you what I discovered, but please, share with me what Pride means to you too...."

Read the rest of the article here in Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine

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  • By: Stephan SirFreezy