Jai to Las Vegas PRIDE Oct. 11th & 12th

Jai Rodriguez and Stephan SirFreezy mJai and SirFreezy Talking About Las Vegas PRIDE Weekend With PRIDE Royalty

October 8, 2019

Las Vegas PRIDE is October 11th & 12th this year! Jai Rodriguez and Stephan SirFreezy talk with Las Vegas PRIDE Royalty and get the scoop! It turned out that Jai knew  Mr. PRIDE Zion Savage, and Miss PRIDE Alei'aloha Savage knows Jai's co-host, Mikalah Gordon!

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Las Vegas PRIDE to SD Pride SirFreezy Feat. Jai Rodriguez  Segment 2

Check out Las Vegas PRIDE October 11th & 12 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

A guide to Las Vegas & PRIDE

  • Edited By: Stephan Penczek & Gianni Giancola
  • Produced By:  Stephan Penczek
  • Filmed By: Todd Crandel
  • Song: Gravity Vaporizer Artist: ALIBI