Equinox and SoulCycle are Cancelled Upon Discovering that Owner is a Trump Supporter

Removed, Blocked and Deleted

August 8, 2019

Normally, it's always difficult to get out of that over-priced, guilt-inducing gym membership...but with the news of Equinox and Soul Cycle owner, Stephen Ross, being a Trump supporter there is no hesitation here to cancel our Equinox and Soul Cycle memberships. 

Worth $7.7 billion according to Forbes, Ross is also the owner or developer of among others, the Miami Dolphins, the Hard Rock Stadium, the Time Warner Center, and Hudson Yards in New York City. 

This weekend Ross will be hosting a fundraiser in Southampton for President Donald Trump. The event features a private table and photo opportunity with the president to the tune of $250,000 to fund Trump's re-election campaign, according to the Washington Post. We are just not amused by any of this....frankly the shade of it all is what makes us so frustrated. 

Many have taken to Instagram and Twitter to voice opinions about Ross's political involvement, as well as calling for a boycott of these various gyms. 

A note from our CEO.

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